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Change is inevitable.

But we get a free trip round the sun as the seasons change so change isn’t all bad!

In fact we think change should be for the better, especially when we’re changing how things are done at the Time Bank.

So we’re working on a new project that will enhance the Time Bank. It will give more people the opportunity to give that most precious gift, their time, doing something they love to do at a time that suits them.

Although it’s all behind the scenes at the moment we’ll be rolling this out towards the end of the summer, and when we can let you know all about it, we hope you’ll want to get involved.

So meantime, why not revisit your Time Bank account or open one up if you don’t have one.

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Credit where it’s due

To understand Time Banking fully it’s important to remember these things: You need a new definition of “debt”! In fact it may be simply easier to forget it – if that’s possible.  We’re so caught up in the Capitalist model that might be hard to do. In a Time Bank you don’t need credit to get something you need. You’re getting a gift from another Time Bank account holder – a gift of their time. There are no “deals” in Time Banking. The currency is Time, and it’s valued equally: an hour of anyone’s time has the same value as an hour of anyone else’s – regardless of the activity…and … read more

Time Banks receive quality mark

We are delighted to announce that the Nithsdale, Stewartry and Annandale and Eskdale Time Banks have received the Timebanking UK Quality Mark™ which is awarded to time banks that adhere to the core values of time banking and operate in such a way that they develop, support and celebrate good time banking practice as recommended by Timebanking UK.   read more

Haugh of Urr Open Evening

Please come along to the Laurie Arms Hotel on 3rd February at 7.30pm to find out more about time banking, and meet existing and potential new members. Time banking is now on West Sound Radio Please click on  this link: read more

News and Events

The 26th of Spetember marked the launch of time banking in the region – a programme that aims to tackle these social problems and is already working successfully to enable people to live more independently, promote health and well-being and provide new connections and opportunities for both individuals and communities. read more