Credit where it’s due

To understand Time Banking fully it’s important to remember these things:

  • You need a new definition of “debt”! In fact it may be simply easier to forget it – if that’s possible.  We’re so caught up in the Capitalist model that might be hard to do. In a Time Bank you don’t need credit to get something you need. You’re getting a gift from another Time Bank account holder – a gift of their time.
  • There are no “deals” in Time Banking. The currency is Time, and it’s valued equally: an hour of anyone’s time has the same value as an hour of anyone else’s – regardless of the activity…and
  • There are NO contracts whatsoever. But as in so much else…
  • You don’t always get what you want.  Sometimes there is no-one available or willing to gift you their time. Or with the required skills, knowledge or experience.
  • And you can never demand.

And you’ll need to believe that everyone is an asset.  Everyone has something to offer. In fact even those most likely to be ignored in the money economy are ESSENTIAL to building community resilience and cohesion.

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