Time banking in Dalbeattie

Jim collage

Jim is partially sighted and registered blind. He volunteers with the Dalbeattie Community Initiative. Using a specially adapted computer and SuperNova software that speaks to him, Jim re-writes leaflets about the local area for the visually impaired to make them easier to read. Jim has earnt over 200 hours on the Time Bank through his volunteering.

Initially Jim signed up to the Time Bank to earn credits to help him get to the hospital in Dumfries. Jim can get the bus from Dalbeattie to Dumfries; but he found it hard changing buses to get to the hospital. As such he had to decline two hospital appointments to check on his eyesight. Now if Jim has a hospital appointment we know we have time bank members who can meet him in Dumfries and help him get up to the hospital. Or we can find someone from Dalbeattie to drive him all the way.

Jim is currently using his time credits to have a sighted person walk with him around the local area. Sometimes this is to go to visit a place and take photographs of the local interest points for his leaflets.  On other occasions it is going along local walking routes and writing detailed directions about them. This is something Jim had not thought of using his time credits for when he joined but it’s allowing him to visit places he would otherwise be unable to visit.



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