Organisations can exchange with individuals and other organisations on the Time Bank. Need help with designing a database? Need a room for a meeting? Maybe you want someone to run a craft workshop for your group? Or organise a language taster session? Time Bank account holders might be able to help.

Or you can also ask Time Bank account holders to help you one off events. If you need extra help at a social event, marshals for a sporting event, or just someone to give out the tea and biscuits at your meeting ask the Time Bank account holders

Organisations can also use the Time Credits to say thank you to your regular volunteers for the time they give to you. When you exchange with Time Bank account holders they bank time credits which they can use to get help for themselves around their house, in their garden, or they can use their credits to learn a new skill.

Organisations CAN’T rack up debt.  There is no debt in Time Banks.  Don’t think of your Time Bank account like your money Bank Account. It’s liberating! Your Time Bank is a record of the gifts of time you’ve received and given, and like all gifts they’re freely given and freely received.

You can open your account online (just select your Time Bank from the Menu above) OR

Paper Registration Forms for business and organisation accounts can be found here

We want to help many more organisations open Time Bank accounts and see them inter-trade with time instead of money.  If you’d like to know more then please contact us here for more information.