Who can join?

Time banks value people equally irrespective of age, gender or culture. They are therefore accessible to all and totally inclusive. Time banks are free to join and taking part does not affect the volunteers tax position or their entitlement to state benefits.

Each time bank will have a “broker”. The broker is the person who keeps a record of everyone’s contributions. The broker manages the practicalities such as putting people in touch with each other, obtaining references for the time bank members, organising insurance and where necessary, obtaining disclosures for members working with vulnerable groups.

When you join the scheme, the broker will open an account for you. Your hours will be recorded on a computer database, called Time on Line, and you will be sent a regular statement of the time you have given and received.

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    • Hi John

      Apologies for delay in replying.

      Currently there are four Time Banks in Dumfries and Galloway. But the way we can interact with other time banks is through Inter trading. We’d be very happy to meet with you and show you how this is done, and have a more general chat. Maybe you’d like to send me an email – davidl@thirsectordumgal.org.uk – so we don’t have to rely on this message board? I look forward to hearing from you.

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